The Edinburgh Parkinson’s Lecture 2016

Focus: The Future of Parkinson Care

was given by Professor Bastiaan Bloem, consultant neurologist, Department of Neurology, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, the Netherlands. The lecture took place in the Chancellor’s Lecture Theatre on the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary site on October 11th 2016.

Left to right: Katherine Crawford (Director PUK Scotland), Steve Ford (CEO PUK), David Adams (Chair PUK Edinburgh Branch), Ken Bowler (Chair Edinburgh Research Interest Group), Bas Bloem (Speaker), Conor Maguire (Chair LPSAG), Tilo Kunath (Chancellor’s Fellow SCRM)


Together with Dr. Marten Munneke, Professor Bloem developed ParkinsonNet.

The ParkinsonNet concept is now widely recognised as an example of best practice for care in Parkinson’s. Over the past ten years in the Netherlands it has demonstrated how better targetted specialist training, team working, communications, service structures and patient involvement can result in improved patient care and lower costs. You can download a fact sheet [pdf] about ParkinsonNet by clicking on PNet Factsheet and you can also read a review by the Commonwealth Fund of ParkinsonNet.

More about Professor Bloem’s background and qualifications is available by clicking on the link Bloem CV


You can download the print version of the flyer [pdf] for the lecture, a summary of the lecture [pdf], written by Helen Harris, the editor of our Branch Newsletter, or pdf files of Professor Bloem’s overhead slides, by clicking on one of the following links (note that some files are quite large!):

Photos from the Event

We are grateful to volunteer David Goldthorp who took a selection of photographs before, during and after the lecture: Lecture 2016 album © D.Goldthorp

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