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Complementary Therapies

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Parkinson’s UK reports that although there is little scientific evidence to show that complementary therapies can slow, stop or reverse development of Parkinson’s, many people with the condition have reported positive experiences from therapy sessions. The Branch Committee recognises that care-partners may also benefit from treatments. In August 2019 we launched a Branch funded complementary therapies pilot open to people with Parkinson’s and/or their care-partners living in Edinburgh and Midlothian. The intention is eventually to include East and West Lothian.

The Branch will pay for people to access up to 4 therapy sessions from qualified therapists we have identified and approved. Access to the therapies is by referral from the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Team or Parkinson’s UK Local Adviser. Therapies currently available include Aromatherapy, Emotional Well-being Coaching, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, and Massage. Treatments are given at the therapist’s premises, or where possible in a recipient’s home.

Current Therapies Offered


body massage using plant essential oils blended to suit each client. The oils are chosen for their chemical properties with the intention of having a positive effect on an individual’s physical and mental well-being.

Indian Head Massage:

the massage is carried out with the client seated and fully clothed and includes work on the scalp, neck, back, shoulders, upper arms and face (with any of these parts being omitted if appropriate).


In this instance, massage of the head, neck, shoulders and back OR massage of the hands, lower arms, lower legs and feet is offered to release stress and tension.


uses a combination of massage and gentle pressure techniques on specific areas and points on the feet and/or hands, which are believed to reflex to specific organs and body systems, with the intention of stimulating the body’s own natural ability to heal and rebalance. It’s also extremely relaxing.


Originating in Japan, the therapy works to rebalance the body’s subtle life force (referred to as Ki, Chi or Qi) by placing of the therapist’s palms on or over the body, with the intention of helping the body to heal and rebalance. The client remains fully clothed.

More information

Treatments are given at the therapist’s premises, or in some instances may be carried out in a recipient’s home. Once issued to you, you do not have to use the 4 vouchers with the same therapist. We are keen that you find something that works for you.  We plan to add other therapies.

To find out more about the project please contact Branch Committee Member, Gina Allen via

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