Young People (Working Age)

We’re a friendly, active group for people of working age who have Parkinson’s and otherwise known as the Edinburgh Young Parkinson’s Support Group, EYPSG. We understand what it’s like to be diagnosed with and to live with early onset Parkinson’s. Anyone of working age wherever they live is welcome as well as their partner, friends or family members.

Contact Scott Wilson, 07835 820898, for more information or just turn up on the evening.

EYPSG Get-Togethers

We meet on the first Thursday of each month from 6.30pm. These get-togethers are in an informal, private function room reserved for our use by The Steading, 118-120 Biggar Road Edinburgh, EH10 7DU. Please note that there is a flight of stairs up to the room in the conservatory and no lift.

The meeting on Thursday 5th June 2024 has the new Parkinson’s Local Advisor Natalie Blair coming along to introduce herself and tell about her position with PDUK and how to get help on certain areas like Parkinson’s as an employee, benefit help, and general support. 

We normally have a drink from the bar and some of us also have a bite to eat. It’s a chance to have a chat with fellow “Young Parkies” about ups and downs we may have in common. We have occasional guest speakers, outings and access to all Edinburgh Branch activities.  It’s also an opportunity to learn about medical and lifestyle issues.

We run a closed Facebook page

Here are some quotes from members of the group about what it has meant to them.

YPG has helped me meet and share experiences with others living with Parkinsons

Before I discovered the YPG I seldom ate out, as I was very self-conscious of shaking while eating, however now I regularly eat out with fellow YPG members who are in the same boat as me.

I love the range of activities available via the charity/YPG, with my personal favourite being adaptive yoga sessions every Monday.

Through the YPG I have regained my confidence and have met and built up a great support network of friends.

To read about the 4th June 2020 meeting at which Joy Milne talked to the Group about her collaborative work on developing a smell-led approach to diagnosing Parkinson’s, see this News item.

You can read about the history of the Edinburgh Young Parkinson’s Support Group.

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