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Information Session on Light Therapy for Parkinson’s

SYMBYX Biome, is a company pioneering non-invasive light therapies for the reduction of Parkinson’s symptoms.  Their devices are backed by extensive clinical trials and are medically approved within the United Kingdom,…

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Volunteers Needed: Can Collection 12th/13th April

Our first ‘Can Shoogle’ of 2024 takes place on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th April at Craigleith Retail Park. We would welcome volunteers to help us with the collections.  We…

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The Movers & Shakers ‘Parky Charter’ Petition

The Movers & Shakers are made up of Jeremy Paxman, Cure Parkinson’s patrons Rory Cellan-Jones and Paul Mayhew-Archer, Gillian Lacey-Solymar, Mark Mardell and Nicholas Mostyn.  Together they produce Podcasts. Since…

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Interested in Parkinson’s Research?

The Edinburgh Research Interest Group (ERIG) provides opportunities for members with an interest in Parkinson’s research to meet, communicate, work closely together and generally further the cause of research.

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