Edinburgh Parkinson’s Lecture 2023

This year’s Edinburgh Parkinson’s Lecture will take place in the evening of Wednesday 20th September before a live audience at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. The Lecture will also be streamed live to our online audience.

The 2023 Edinburgh Parkinson’s Lecturer is Professor Camille Carroll (pictured below). The title of Prof Carroll’s Lecture is:

Learning to Listen – a patient-centred approach to Parkinson’s care and research.

Image shows Professor Carroll facing the camera.

Prof. Camille Carroll is Professor of Clinical Neuroscience and Honorary Consultant Neurologist. She has recently joined Newcastle University, having previously been at University of Plymouth, where she led the clinical Parkinson’s service to 3 national awards. Her research is focused on disease modification and the use of digital health technologies for monitoring and personalised care in Parkinson’s. Prof. Carroll was the chief investigator of a multi-centre clinical trial of simvastatin as a disease modifying agent in Parkinson’s disease (PD STAT). She co-leads the Edmond J Safra ACT-PD initiative, developing a multi-arm, multi-stage trial platform for disease modifying interventions in Parkinson’s. She is developing digital tools to support patient self-management and digitally-enabled care. She is the NIHR Clinical Research Network National Specialty Lead for Neurodegenerative Diseases, overseeing a balanced clinical trial portfolio in neurodegenerative disorders and leads the Remote Methods of Trial Delivery working group. She is Clinical co-Director of the Parkinson’s Excellence Network in the UK and has been internationally recognized for her patient-centred approach, broadening the opportunity for Parkinson’s research and improving support for patient care and self-management.

There will be opportunity for members of both the live and online audiences to ask questions after the Lecture (chaired by Prof Tilo Kunath). The Concluding Remarks will be made by Dr Alison Williams, person with Parkinson’s and Hon. Professor of Creativity, Centre for Person-centred Practice Research, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

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