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Pilates is about core stability. With regular application, as your core strength develops so will stability throughout your entire torso, which can help with some of the mobility and postural issues of Parkinson’s. It also works to promote flexibility and increased range of motion for the joints. By helping reduce the effort placed on the body during everyday activities it can also help lower fatigue levels.

Currently we offer our Pilates classes either in-person, or by Zoom.

Pilates IN person 

Wednesdays 2-3pm

Venue: The Fisherrow Centre, South St, Musselburgh EH21 6AT

(This class is currently fully subscribed, but please get in touch if you would like to be added to a waiting list, or would be interested in classes starting at a later date in Morningside).

Friday two classes run: 3-4pm and 4-5pm until June then the classes revert back to:

Monday: Noon-1pm and 1-2pm (from June)

Venue: Morningside Parish Church (St Matthew Hall), 2 Cluny Gardens, Edinburgh EH10 6BQ

Pilates via Zoom (seated and standing only)
Wednesday 10.30-11.30am and Thursday 3-4pm.

If interested in live Pilates sessions via the Zoom platform, please contact Sasha via

Sasha is also keen to introduce an online Beginners’ class for those who are new to Pilates or have not worked with Sasha before. Please email Sasha if interested.

As the Branch is supporting facilitators’ online work, you may consider making a donation to the Branch via our JustGiving page but please do not add Gift Aid as the Branch is not allowed to claim it where a service has been provided in relation to a donation. It would also help our Treasurer if you identified the activity e.g. Pilates.

Always work in a safe space and within your capabilities. See also our ‘Coping with Coronavirus Situation page – Importance of (Safe) Exercise‘.

Sasha’s Videos

When our regular on-site Branch activities were suspended due to the coronavirus situation, our Pilates Instructor Sasha Baggaley created short exercise videos to help keep people moving and active.  These were for everyone not just regular class participants. We will keep these available for the time being.

If equipment is needed, this is mentioned at the start of each video, so you can pause it and get set up, but in general not much equipment is required and anything that is, should be available in your home.

These can be viewed via the folder

Anna, another of our Instructors, also posted videos at the start of the Covid restrictions:

Gentle Seated Pilates 2: (15mins)

Gentle Seated Pilates: (10mins)

Neurodynamic Exercise

Sasha (also a neurophysiotherapist) has developed a Neurodynamic Exercise programme for the Branch based on her experience with Pilates, Neurophysiotherapy, and the philosophy, principles and research of PD Warrior, LSVT BIG and PWR MOVES – these are programmes which address both physical and cognitive activity at higher levels of intensity, and is suitable for people in the earlier stages of Parkinson’s (mild to moderate symptoms). The exercises can be adapted to suit individuals, based on their Parkinson’s symptoms and any other pathologies. Sasha’s 10 week programme involves pre- and post-assessments, and there is the opportunity to join an ongoing ‘continuation class’ at the end of the programme. This would be suited to anyone who feels they would like to learn more about the type of exercise advocated for PWP, or how to get more from the exercises they are doing. A new 10 week course is planned to start face to face in March, so please get in touch if you may be interested.

To find out more, please contact Sasha via

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