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Parkinson’s Walks

Parkinson’s Walks are proving popular.  We have expanded from the original idea of walking in parks, and we now include some interesting walks in the Edinburgh area.

At least two committee members or volunteers are at the meeting points. There will be options for medium paced or slower paced walks, so that everyone can walk at a pace that suits.

The next dates/places are:

  • Monday, 26 June 10.30am. Linear walk (and tram ride) from the glass houses at Saughton Rose Gardens, Balgreen Rd EH11 3BQ, to the Gyle. Buses 1, 2, 22, 38, x27/8 pass nearby.
  • Monday, 31 July 10.30am. Linear walk from the Commonwealth Pool, Dalkeith Rd, EH16 5BB. Buses 2,14,30 and 33 pass nearby.

The walks are relatively informal. We know that Parkinson’s can put paid to the best of plans, when an ‘off day’ happens. We wanted to have an activity where people are very welcome to just turn up on the day. No need to register in advance, and worry if on the day they don’t feel able to come along. The walks are open to People with Parkinson’s and their supporters.

We look forward to enjoying good company, some exercise and fresh air. Please wear suitable clothing and footwear.

We will typically end the walk close to somewhere that people can go for a tea or coffee close to the end of the walk (which are often circular).

For more information, please contact Maggy:

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