Punching with Parkinson’s

Port O’ Leith Boxing Club’s Punching with Parkinson’s programme is designed to improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s disease.

While this is not run by Edinburgh Branch, we had been exploring starting boxing, and so with backing of Parkinson’s UK Scotland, are happy to endorse Punching with Parkinson’s.

Information below is adapted from Port O’ Leith Boxing website

The non-contact boxing based fitness sessions are super adaptable depending on the severity of an individual. Some people may want to dance around the ring on the pads, showcasing their movement, whilst others will hit the bags or speed-balls. For others, seated boxing, or replacing the pads and bags for Lily’s famous foam sticks is a very fun alternative.

So why Boxing?

  • The high-intensity workouts offer a blend of strength and cardiovascular conditioning
  • The more technical side of the Boxing sessions can improve agility, coordination and balance
  • It’s varied and fun
  • It’s a social sport
  • It makes you feel good and wanting more!

The clubs coaches are trained, and will always take into consideration each individual’s symptoms, medication schedule, and will check in before each session for any changes.

Parkinson’s boxing classes typically range from 30 to 60 minutes and may include:

  • Mobility, stretching and warmup exercises
  • Drills on the punch bags, floor to ceiling and speed ball
  • Technical footwork and movement
  • Hitting the pads or foam sticks
  • Exercises to improve overall strength
  • Core and pelvic floor exercises
  • Partner and group work

Classes take place at 11am on Monday’s, at the Club at 83 Craighall Road, Edinburgh. People can attend the class for between 30 – 60mins. You pay on a drop-in basis (£6)

For more details telephone Port O’ Leith Boxing: 0131 563 8333


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