Review of WPC 2016: Portland, Oregon, USA

The Event

This important event involved presentations, discussion, and convivial participation. The event was free and open to everyone concerned in any way with Parkinson’s, including care partners, health professionals and volunteers. Just over 60 people took part.

Date: Saturday 26th November
Time:10.00 – 16.00 GMT
Venue: Bellevue Chapel, Rodney Street, Edinburgh EH7 4EL

The Programme

Findings from the 2016 World Parkinson Congress were presented by our two Branch Delegates, David Adams and Alison Williams. Each of the four sections below enables you to watch a video and download the slides for that section as pdf files by clicking on the relevant link. If you click on the video first, it will start running in its own window. Then click on the corresponding link to the slides and you can work through them in a separate window.

Session 1

The Parkinson’s Community [pdf 2.3 Mb]
What is happening with treatments and research? [pdf 3.4Mb]

Session 2

Taking control:
What do we need to know about self care and living with Parkinson’s? [pdf 3.9 Mb]

Session 3

Report from Tilo Kunath
Dr Tilo Kunath, who leads a research group at the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine in Edinburgh, reported on a number of the scientific sessions at WPC that had been attended by one of his staff, Dr Nicola Drummond.

Section 4

What is happening with community, volunteering and support? [pdf 0.5 Mb]

Report from Katherine Crawford

There was to have been a presentation from Katherine Crawford, the Director of Parkinson’s UK Scotland, on Developing Countries and Challenges but unfortunately her car suffered a puncture on the way to the meeting and so she spent most of the day waiting at the roadside in Fife for the RAC!
We include Katherine’s slides for the sake of completeness.


Several handouts containing further useful information were made available to participants and you can download pdf versions by clicking on the following links:

Nutrition notes Attitude notes Get involved


Oceanside Beach

Richard Windle reports on WPC2016

Richard Windle was Chair of the Parkinson’s UK Research Support Network Development Team (RSNDT) until recently. He has a blog reporting on some of his impressions of WPC 2016. He writes: “From 21st-23rd September, 2016 c.4,400 people attended this, the fourth Parkinson’s Congress. These notes were taken during the congress – either directly from the presentations or from the charts submitted by the presenters.” You can follow Richard’s blog by clicking on each of the following links in turn:

Part 1:

Part 2: (Symptoms)

Part 3: (Symptoms)

Part 4: (Symptoms)

Part 5: (Treatments)

Part 6: (Treatments)

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