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As usual, talks take place at the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine (SCRM), 5 Little France Drive, Edinburgh EH16 4UU. We are grateful to Dr Tilo Kunath for his hospitali

Saturday 3rd March 2018, 10.30-13.30

Professor Wladyslaw Gedroyc (Imperial College) has kindly agreed to give a talk

MR guided focused ultrasound of the brain.

Prof W Gedroyc is a consultant radiologist at St Mary’s hospital and Imperial healthcare where he has been working for the last 27 years. He is involved in research investigating utilising MRI for image guidance in a variety of applications. More recently this has centred on utilising MR guided focused ultrasound in a variety of body areas as well as associated projects on drug activation with focused ultrasound. Currently brain focused ultrasound applications are being investigated by Prof Gedroyc and his team at Imperial predominantly at the moment in the context of motion disorders but many other applications will be developed using this approach.

Registration will be available through Eventbrite in the New Year.

For this, many thanks to Hagop Bessos for the suggestion and for arranging the talk.