Reports from local research events

What The Parkinson’s Excellence Network can do for you & an update on local clinical trials

Dr Gordon Duncan was the speaker at a combined ERIG/Branch online meeting on Saturday 19 November 2022. The meeting began at 10:00am and was attended by over 30 members. Gordon…

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Learning to LIVE with Parkinson’s

Recently two members of our local Parkinson’s community spent time at the European Parkinson Therapy Centre in northern Italy. They returned very enthusiastic about their experience and keen to share…

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Exploring energy production and failure in Parkinson’s

The Edinburgh Parkinson’s Research Group (ERIG) invited all the other Scottish RIGs to this online talk which was held on Saturday 22nd January 2022 at 10:30. The talk was given…

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Using the NeuroMotor Pen to aid diagnosis and monitoring of Parkinson’s

Our first online ERIG meeting of 2021 was held on Saturday 6th March at 10:30 and was attended by around 30 members. The talk was given by Dr Rutger Zietsma,…

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How smell led to a test for Parkinson’s

This online ERIG meeting was held on Saturday 28th November at 10:30 and was attended by 30 members. The main talk was given by Prof Perdita Barran, Chair of Mass…

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Stem Cells and Parkinson’s

This online ERIG meeting was held on Saturday 27th June at 10:30 and was attended by 25 members. The first talk was given by Sophie Glendinning, the recipient of the…

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