ERIG IN PERSON EVENT Saturday 3 December 2022

Our first in person ERIG event in nearly three years began at 10:00am and was attended by just over 20 members.

The first talk was by Dr Martine Verheul, Institute for Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh.

Martine gave an illustrated talk entitled: Frame running: an exercise option for people with advanced Parkinson’s?

She also brought a frame running bike along to her presentation.  The image below gives an idea what frame running involves.  

Photo Attribution: Framerunning: Wikimedia Commons

You can watch a recording of Martine’s talk on the Branch YouTube channel from this Link.

After Questions for Martine, Prof Kia Nazarpour (School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh) gave a short presentation on his plans to establish an artificial intelligence and technology-based approach to assist our NHS healthcare teams to better monitor PwPs and optimise their care plans.

You can read a brief summary of his planned project.
You can also register to receive short monthly updates for interested stakeholders.

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