Exploring energy production and failure in Parkinson’s

The Edinburgh Parkinson’s Research Group (ERIG) invited all the other Scottish RIGs to this online talk which was held on Saturday 22nd January 2022 at 10:30. The talk was given by Prof. Miratul Muqit from the University of Dundee. Prof. Muqit was introduced by Brendan Hawdon from the Dundee RIG.

Prof Muqit described the critical role that problems in mitochondria (the structures within all our cells that generate energy) play in Parkinson’s and how he uses genetic and biochemical approaches to identify defects in the pathways that recycle damaged mitochondria and investigate new targeted therapies.


You can watch a video recording of Prof Muqit’s talk on our YouTube Channel

You can listen to the Question & Answer session following the talk here


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