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Wearable Technology

A meeting of the Edinburgh Research Interest Group heard a talk on Saturday 12th January from Dr Thanasis Tsanas of Edinburgh University on the subject of wearable technology. His work focuses on developing novel tools for data mining and extracting domain information through time series analysis, signal processing, and statisteical machine learning. He has worked […]

MR guided focused ultrasound of the brain

MR-guided focused ultrasound is a non-invasive method which offers an interesting alternative to the surgical procedure known as Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). Over thirty members of the Edinburgh Research Interest Group were treated to an excellent review of this new technique applied to essential tremor, Parkinson’s Disease and other brain disorders by Professor Wladyslaw Gedroyc […]

ERIG talks by Tilo Kunath and Leona Braund

On Saturday 2nd December, at the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Dr Tilo Kunath, who leads a research group in the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, gave a talk entitled Cell Therapy for Parkinson’s: where are we now? Following Tilo’s talk there was a presentation from Leona Braund from Inverness, who is a Person with […]

Talk to ERIG by Dr Esther Sammler

A record audience attended the latest meeting of ERIG at the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine on Saturday, 22 April, 2017 to hear Dr Esther Sammler give a superb talk entitled Genes, genetics and signalling pathways in Parkinson’s: from bench to bedside Dr Sammler is a consultant neurologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Ninewells Hospital, […]