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Update on Plans for Branch Activities

Our Chair David Adams was asked whether in light of more places opening their doors to the public (e.g. places of worship), whether the Committee has started discussing plans for resumption of our extensive range of regular activities.

David has given the following response to help clarify things from the Branch perspective:

“Parkinson’s UK said recently that we should expect some new guidelines by or before 31st August (2020).

My sense is that we [the Branch] move cautiously; and that we continue to offer online classes, particularly for housebound PwPs, with any eventual new face-to-face ones offered as an addition. Seems to me to mean that we continue to treat the Parkinson’s population as a vulnerable group, on account of average age at least.

Our next Committee meeting is on 4th September, and I can’t see that we could decide any policy change before then. I appreciate that there’s a shared desire to get back to attending classes, and it will be good to consider practicalities and options for this over the next few weeks”.

As of 20th July, while south of the Border, gyms and swimming pools can re-open, it will be at least 31st July until this can take place in Scotland. Even if fitness centres also re-open at this time, as David points out, guidelines from Parkinson’s UK are not due for one more month.  So we must all be patient for just a wee bit longer.

Remember we do have many activities running online, so do check out the Regular Activities section of this page on our Branch website

And please keep an eye on this News page.

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