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Prevention of Cell Death

A team of researchers led by Professor Giovanna Mallucci from the Medical Research Council (MRC) Toxicology Unit at the University of Leicester, who last year identified a major pathway leading to brain cell death in mice, have used an orally administered compound to block the pathway and have prevented neurodegeneration in the mice. The team…

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Michael J. Fox Foundation awards grant for Exenatide research

Following encouraging results recently published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation describing the progress of a cohort of patients treated with Exenatide for their Parkinson’s disease (PD), The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research has awarded a grant of $1.98 million to Dr. T Foltynie to pursue this avenue of research.  Exenatide is a…

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Exenatide may be disease-modifying for PD

Exenatide is a type 2 diabetes treatment that has been shown to have neuroprotective/neurorestorative properties in preclinical models of neurodegeneration. A new study by Aviles-Olmos et al published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation reports on the results of a trial to evaluate the progress of 45 patients with moderate Parkinson’s disease (PD). Single-blinded rating…

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