Singing for Scotland…

We were sent a message from the West of Scotland Research Interest Group and asked to share with our Branch Members.

‘Singing for Scotland’
Thursday 26 January 2023.  2pm on Zoom

Dr Brianna Robertson-Kirkland, Dr Yoon Irons, and singing leader Rachel Hynes will showcase current research on how group singing can benefit those with Parkinson’s.

The session will include a discussion on recent research conducted by Yoon Irons** on group singing and how it can improve the quality of life for people with Parkinson’s, and a demonstration from Rachel Hynes on what a singing leader might do in a typical Singing for Parkinson’s group session.

Brianna Robertson-Kirkland will conclude the presentation by highlighting the Royal Society of Edinburgh-funded network Scotland’s Singing for Health Network, and the work they are doing to promote singing for health to support those living with long-term health conditions such as Parkinson’s.

Register to attend by visiting the Zoom Registration Page

** Dr Yoon Irons was a guest speaker at a Branch Blether in November 2021.  Read a synopsis of that event here


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