Dr Yoon Irons (Nov 2021): Singing

We had a Branch Blether with Dr Yoon Irons, on Wednesday 17th November at 11am.

Yoon is a research fellow in arts and health at University of Derby. She is also a singer, musician, and music therapist. Previously, Yoon has studied and worked in South Korea, Germany, and Australia. Her research focuses on the health and wellbeing benefits of singing for people with long-term health conditions, for example, cystic fibrosis, chronic pain, Stroke and Parkinson’s.

Yoon talked about her research in collaboration with people living with Parkinson’s. Previously, Yoon led an international singing study involving South Korea, Australia and the UK. Recently, she has published her first book on Singing, which provides an overview of the therapeutic benefits of singing. (You can read a blog where Yoon gives more information about the book from this Link)

Yoon shared with us what she has learnt from working with people living with Parkinson’s and healthcare professionals, and why she is convinced that every Parkinson’s clinic should include singing as part of multi-disciplinary rehabilitation treatments.

The slides that Yoon used are very interesting and worth a view.  We have saved them in .pdf format so it can be opened on any device.  Yoon Presentation

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