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Edinburgh Research Interest Group

We produce a newsletter two or three times a year. You can download the pdf versions by clicking on the links below.

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December 2011


Parkinson’s Life

Parkinsons Life is a website that presents articles of news etc. You can sign up to receive regular newsletters by email. The email simply collects the latest items and presents them as a newsletter would. The web site itself is at The ‘newsletter’ is merely the contents, well-presented, with short introductions and you navigate seamlessly to the pages on the website to read the full articles.

East Midlands Newsletter

Also of considerable interest is the “newsletter”, now a blog rather than a newsletter, produced by the East Midlands Research Support Network. You can access it by clicking on the following link:

West Lothian Newsletter

The West Lothian Support Group also produces newsletters which are downloadable by clicking on the relevant links below

Jan-Mar 2015 March 2015 update April-June 2015
August 2015 update September 2015 November 2015 update
March 2016 Update May2016 update Autumn 2016
November 2016 update Jan-Mar 2017 November 2017
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