Here’s what some of our volunteers have to say

I decided to volunteer with the Edinburgh branch when I retired from work as I had been a carer for my mum for many years. I’m so glad to have slotted in to help with the Aquatherapy sessions and with running the Side by Side sessions for care-partners. The Edinburgh branch is vibrant and welcoming and it has been very rewarding to volunteer without pressure to do more than is manageable for myself.

I became a volunteer after my husband died because I wanted to do something to help other people who were having similar difficulties and problems. As I had more time on my hands I wanted to find an activity that would help me to meet other people and feel needed again. Joining Singing4Fun was the first step, and I found that so open and friendly that it gave me confidence to contact the Branch when the advert for the Secretary’s job came round. So far, I have learnt a lot, met interesting people, and have been welcomed and helped by many. I have done other voluntary work in the past, so I had a bit of understanding about the way things work in voluntary organisations.

All our volunteers are hugely appreciated throughout the Branch. And we are always delighted when they are recognised for their efforts by being presented with awards. You can read about these in our Archives:

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