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Young Parkinson’s Support Group Meeting: 4th Nov

The YP’s November meeting takes place this Thursday 4th November at 6:30 /7:00 pm start.

As usual this takes place in the conservatory of The Steading,118/120 Biggar Road, Edinburgh.

This months guest speaker is the very helpful Parkinson’s local advisor Shona Lawson.

Shona will reply mostly, to things that you you would like to ask.  This can range from benefits you are entitled to, work related information, and generally anything you are unsure about. This is whether you are newly diagnosed, or not .

If you’ve not been to any of the meetings please feel free to go along with partner, friend or relation.,

Some of the YPs are at the Steading from anytime after 6pm, as they like to have a bite to eat or drink before the 7:00 pm start.  The conservatory is for their private use which is great if anyone wants to chat with others about  PD,  and no one outside of the group is listening .

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