WPC Scientific Update Workshop 2015

wpc-webcast-2015-logoWe held a workshop on 21st October 2015 at Bellevue Chapel, along similar lines to that held last year, to provide members of the Branch and the Edinburgh Research Interest Group with an opportunity to see extracts from this year’s WPC Scientific Update and participate in a discussion of the implications.
Given the time limitations of our workshop (2-4 pm) it was only possible to show a fraction of the material in the webcasts. The presentations shown and discussed were those thought by the organisers to be most relevant to the day-to-day concerns of members and were as follows:

Session 3:
Ongoing pursuit of neuroprotective therapies Tom Foltynie
Non-motor issues: different ways to think about targets   Ray Chaudhuri
Session 4:
Clinical dimension of exercise and PD Giselle Petzinger
Where does exercise meet rehabilitation & why? Gammon Earhart


Alison Williams, who leads the Quality of Life group in the Edinburgh Branch, has put together an excellent set of notes on the theme of exercise and Parkinson’s, based in part on the WPC webcasts noted above, but also on lectures given elsewhere by Giselle Petzinger and Gammon Earhart. You can download the notes as a pdf file by clicking on this link: Research summary on exercise Oct 2015

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