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World Parkinson’s Day 2021

Parkinson’s UK have organised a live event for World Parkinson’s Day.  We hope Branch members will join in with the PD community, to this event.


11am to 12pm, Sunday 11 April 2021.


A live event for people across the UK-wide Parkinson’s community to connect, learn and get inspired.


No need to sign up in advance. Just go to this web page on the day, click play, and tune in to the livestream.

Or you can watch the same event on YouTube, where you’ll also be able to see events happening in other countries.

Hear about the topics that matter

Hosted by Parkinson’s activists Dave Clark and Clare Addison, we’ll come together to talk about the most important topics chosen by the Parkinson’s community:

  • Learn about the latest developments in Parkinson’s research, and how you can get involved.
  • Find out about real life examples of people getting the best out of their healthcare professionals.
  • Hear from people with Parkinson’s about some of the amazing ways they’ve managed to rally together and support each other, despite all the restrictions.
  • See what you can do to reach out and support people you know, who might need to see a friendly face or know that they are not alone.

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