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Walk4Parkinson’s (including request for driveway/land use for Motorhome)

A friend of the Branch’s, John MacPhee, is helping to organise this unique event, which takes place later this month.

Bill Bucklew from Chicago, who previously walked across the USA (nearly 3,000 miles!) will be running in the London Marathon.  But before he gets to the London start line he will have walked from John O Groats.

Amazingly Bill will be walking around 40 miles a day, a massive distance for anyone, but add in the fact that Bill has Parkinson’s and the feat becomes even more impressive.

Bill and John will be passing through Edinburgh on 20th/21st September, and will be staying in Edinburgh on the Monday night.

Their route on arrival day (Monday 20th) will go from the Forth Road Bridge via South Queensferry and the B924 to the A90, and then follow the Queensferry Road into Princes Street and a welcome hotel night for Bill. The next morning they go by the Bridges, A701, then A772 via Gilmerton and Dobbies to reach the A7. More information to follow on specific timings.

Request for Help

The support team are looking for somewhere they can park up their motorhome overnight (Mon 20th September), and ideally be able to hook up to electricity too.  If you could help, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting Branch Treasurer  Weir Brown

Please do check out the Walk4Parkinsons website which includes a two minute podcast about the walk from John o’ Groats to London.

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