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Therapy Weekend

The Branch held a hugely successful Therapy Weekend at Peebles Hydro over the period September 28th-30th.

The aims of the weekend were to allow People with Parkinson’s and their Carers to:

  • Sample complementary Therapies
  • Learn coping strategies for Parkinson’s
  • Share Information
  • Encourage a positive attitude
  • Have some Fun

Activities included hydrotherapy, singing, line dancing, painting, card making, yoga, and sessions on lifestyle management, speech therapy, exercise and therapeutic sound.

Therapy weekend at Peebles Hydro

It was attended by 56 Parkinson’s UK members from Edinburgh and Lothian, many of whom are seen on the photograph above. The event was organised by a team from Edinburgh Branch led by Liz McBain, Heather Robertson, Cathie Quinn and Pat Stewart.

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