Talk to Branch by Dr Richard Davenport on Diagnosis of PD

Instead of the originally advertised topic we were privileged to have Dr Davenport talk to us about “The evolving differential diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease” based on a presentation he made at the recent “Parkinson’s Disease 200: back to the future” conference at the Royal College of Physicians in September. There is an awareness among clinicians now of PD-like symptoms that can be the result of other conditions but also many more signs and symptoms that can feed into the diagnosis of PD and at three different stages of the condition – preclinical, prodromal and clinical. A key point that Dr. Davenport wanted to make is that after history-taking, observation, tests, and looking for biomarkers, long-term follow-up is crucial in ensuring correct diagnosis and treatment of the patient. The presentation inspired many and varied questions from those attending.

You can download Dr Davenport’s presentation by clicking on either of the following links:

We are grateful to Dr Davenport for making these available and for taking time out of a very busy schedule to address the Branch.

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