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Strengthening the Ageing Voice

A short Zoom course with Penny Stone

The ageing voice is different for each of us, but there is relatively recent research showing us that more vigorous exercising of the vocal muscles is most beneficial for our voices as we age.

This is a three week online class to learn a bit more about how your voice works, and how normal ageing affects the muscles involved.

You will also have space to explore how your voice is feeling and reflect on what your own voice might need, as well as learning a short series of exercises. These can be practiced daily for 5 or 10 minutes to build and maintain muscle tone in the vocal muscles, supporting singing and speaking strength and control.

This isn’t about learning to sound ‘nice’ it’s the equivalent of doing some weight lifting so that when you then want to go play a sport you are more freely able to do so. We will also learn some basic laryngeal massage techniques to help release vocal tension.

Whilst all voices age differently, generally this course is suitable for men and women over 50.

You will receive three 1-hour zoom classes over three weeks with two short accompanying videos each week to help support daily practice. Using the exercises for 5-10 mins each day is the most beneficial use of the skills we will build during this short course.

Dates: March 14th, 21st, 28th 2022

Times: Mondays 3-4pm

Cost:  £20-40 (if you would like to come but need a further discount, please do get in touch)

To book a place, email Penny on


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