Scotland Trustee Anne MacColl addresses Branch Meeting

Anne MacColl was recently elected as a Trustee for Parkinson’s UK Scotland, having already served as a coopted member of the Board of Trustees. On Wednesday, 10th January 2018, she gave a presentation at the Branch Meeting at which she explained the role of Trustees, gave her personal views of progress over the past year and the outlook for the coming year, and led a stimulating discussion.

You can download a pdf of her PowerPoint presentation by clicking on the button:

The PowerPoint presentation included a short video, which for copyright reasons we have had to exclude. It focused on Parkinson-UK’s involvement in looking at how digital technology can improve the life of people living with Parkinson’s. This may be through better communication with people as well as apps and devices that will allow PwPs to take care of their own heath and live independently for longer. Digital technology is also accelerating the search for newer and better treatments, earlier diagnosis of the condition and potentially may lead to finding a cure. Digital technology is revolutionising P-UK’s work.

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