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Research Survey: Stretching for People living with Parkinson’s

We were emailed a request to ask for help in getting respondents for an MSc Dissertation.  It requires you to complete an online survey (expected to take approximately 15 minutes).

The research project is being undertaken by Joni Tang, through the University of Keele. The study title is:

“Stretching for people living with Parkinson’s: An exploratory online survey for the effects of stretching on Parkinson’s symptoms from the experience and perception of people with Parkinson’s”.

This study has been approved by one of Keele University’s Ethics Committees.

Research Rationale
There are different guidelines for people with Parkinson’s suggesting stretching as part of the exercise which might be helpful to manage symptoms. However, these guidelines are not specific enough and there are only very few research studies evaluate the effect of stretching from the perspective of people with Parkinson’s.

The project aims to review the perception of people with Parkinson’s on the effect of stretching on their symptoms by gathering information and feedback through the online survey, providing important insight for a more specific stretching guideline and providing direction for future research.

How does this benefit you?
By participating in this research you are contributing to the understanding of the value of stretching from the experience and perception of people living with Parkinson’s. This will also create the opportunity for you to reflect and review how stretching or other kinds of exercise helps in managing Parkinson’s symptoms and your daily life/ activity.

This study is aimed at people living with Parkinson’s who have been doing some form of stretching, and are currently not in the hospital, residential care or long-term-care facility.

Before completing the survey, please read the participant information sheet which can be accessed with this Link.

Please follow this Link to access the survey. All information and participants’ responses will be anonymous.

Your participation in this study will be greatly appreciated.


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