New Chair for Research Interest Group

After seven years as Chair of ERIG, Professor Ken Bowler has announced his retirement from the position. He will be succeeded by Professor David Melton.
David has spent his entire research career studying the genetic, cellular and molecular biological basis of a variety of human diseases.

Since 1997 David has been Professor of Somatic Cell Diseases at the University of Edinburgh.

David’s wife, Julia, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2014.


David writes:


<em>I have spent my entire research career studying the genetic, cell and molecular biological basis of a variety of human diseases, ranging from neurological and neurodegenerative disorders to cancer. The experimental systems that I have used include cultured mammalian cells, animal models and patient samples. I was involved in some of the early work with stem cells that now offer exciting therapeutic possibilities for both Parkinson’s and a range of other human diseases. In 1990 I was awarded the Biochemical Society Colworth Medal for some of my early work.
When Julia was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2014 I wanted to do all I could to help. Although not actively involved in Parkinson’s research myself, I felt that with my research experience and perspective as a carer, I could make a useful contribution to the work of Parkinson’s UK and so became a member of their College of Experts to review small grant applications. As I come towards the end of my academic career, I look forward to spending more time with Julia and taking on the responsibility for our Edinburgh Research Interest Group.</em>