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Long Covid Sufferers: Free Rehabilitation Programme

Friend of the Branch Fran Anderson (retired medical herbalist) tells us:

“Listened to the Doctor’s kitchen podcast today about long covid and he mentioned the free Nuffield rehabilitation programme.  It is open for those in Edinburgh so if you know anyone who might benefit let them know.  It looks good as it uses a whole system approach and looks at individual needs”.

If you know someone, or you are affected, it may be worthwhile finding details from the Nuffield website.

They confirm “The programme is a blend of physical and emotional support designed to help an ever-growing number of people who are finding it difficult to recover from the long-term effects of COVID-19.

We’re offering the programme free to participants. As the UK’s largest healthcare charity, working to build a healthier nation, we recognise there’s an unmet need to support people with rehabilitation after contracting the virus.

Our range of experts means we can offer you personalised advice to help you with your rehabilitation and support you in your journey back to good health and wellbeing. The programmes include topics such as, coping with fatigue, managing breathlessness, anxiety and low mood, improving sleep and eating for recovery”.



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