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Lockdown Cookbook Fundraiser

We have a message, and a plea from our Fundraiser Lou Ogilvy:

“Lockdown Cookbook?  I hear you ask!!

I would like to encourage folks with Parkinson’s, your carers and families to think about a dish you’ve loved making over lockdown, (if you feel like being a Lord Lichfield you can take a photo of the finished dish too) and send it to me. It has to be original not taken from another cookbook.

The last day for recipes is 1st Nov so I have time to compile the book and get it to printers and get it out for Christmas.

Please send your name, recipe and/or your photo to me by 1st November (either by email, or via the postal service)

I’m looking forward to seeing your recipes and to getting the book out before Christmas.

Lou Ogilvy

Edinburgh Branch of Parkinson’s UK Fundraiser

7 Victoria St, Rosewell, Midlothian EH24 9BS

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