Ian Young and Friends CD “Time and Tide”

In a January Fundraising News item we wrote about the CD that Ian and his friends had recorded to raise funds for the PUK Edinburgh Branch and St. Columba’s Hospice. You can see the CD flyer here. We are delighted to announce that Ian has just handed over £680 (from sales to date) to each of the charities. Ian has also informed us:

“The legendary American song-writer Janis Ian, who is a Grammy winner, put up a YouTube video of a song about the lockdown called ‘Better Times Will Come’, and asked anyone to put up their own version. My wife and I did this and you can see it below:

Janis made some lovely comments about our recording and at the same time publicised ‘Time and Tide’, mentioning the charities. We also made a video of my wife and I singing in the street in appreciation of NHS front line staff and there is a link to that video from Janis’s comments on YouTube.

A video of the ‘Time and Tide’ song with over 40 of my photos as a backdrop has been posted on YouTube by The Online Academy of Irish Music (OAIM). You can see that video below:

Copies of the CD have gone to Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada as a result of my contacts and also the Web publicity above.”

A huge thank-you from the Branch to Ian and his friends.

The ‘Time and Tide’ CD can be purchased from Branch Secretary, Olivia Bell via secretary@edinburghparkinsons.org.

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