ERIG online engagement event with PhD students Saturday 1st May 10:30

We want to increase engagement between Branch members and local university researchers, students and health care professionals with a research interest in Parkinson’s. This engagement work was started by Prof. Ken Bowler with the establishment of the annual Edinburgh Parkinson’s Lecture and the Edinburgh Branch Research Interest Group (ERIG). The Branch have established an annual Travel Bursary for PhD students in his name. This year, with the current travel restrictions, we will use the Bursary in a different way.

We have invited three University of Edinburgh PhD students carrying out research into Parkinson’s to each give a short talk on their research, followed by questions from our audience:

Andrés Gómez Rodellar: An engineering approach as a support tool for Parkinson’s.

Kiani Jeacock: Using mass spectrometry to investigate the structure of the alpha-synuclein protein in Parkinson’s.

Alex Chappard: Studying protein aggregation in Parkinson’s using single-molecule microscopy.

After the talks we will award £250 to the student giving the best presentation to our mainly lay audience, £150 to the second best and £100 to the third best. The awards should be used to support their postgraduate study.

The event should last around one hour. If you would like to attend, please email  and he will send you the zoom link.

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