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Edinburgh Younger Parkinson’s Support Group October Meeting

The group are looking forward to hearing from Amanda Mackay, Parkinson’s Active Project Support Officer.  Amanda joined the Scotland staff team in March this year in this brand new post.  She will share her plans for developing exercise activities in Scotland. She is also keen to hear from the group, and to learn more about activities they have been trying to develop.

The meeting is via Zoom from 6.30pm on Thursday 1st October.

Hope you can join the group.  If you are not already on the mailing list, and would like to join the meeting, please contact Scott Wilson for the link:

PS: If you’re feeling camera shy at these meetings you can always switch off your camera so that you can’t see yourself and no one else can either, but you can still see the speaker. Or if it’s easier, why not just place a piece of paper over your laptop camera?


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