Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are the final phase in the lengthy drug development process. They are a critical and required step to speed cures. But a persistent shortage of volunteers for clinical trials slows scientific progress. Patients pay the ultimate price for under-enrollment in clinical research, facing few new treatment options.

Find out about current research studies and trials:

Two recent initiatives aimed at improving the situation are:


There is now an exciting new project called The Scottish Health Research Register (SHARE) which will establish a database of people who are willing to participate in research, and aims to build up one million registered users within the next five years. You are strongly encouraged to register. If you need more information you can download a presentation about SHARE by Shona Brearley, the National Programme Manager.


The European Patients‘ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI) will provide scientifically reliable, objective, comprehensive information to patients on medicines research and development. It will enable well-informed patients and patient organisations to be effective advocates and advisors in medicines research, e.g. in clinical trials, with regulatory authorities and in ethics committees.

Incidence of Parkinson’s in UK

There is a new study by Parkinson’s UK of the incidence and prevalence of the condition in the UK. A summary report provides a brief overview of estimates for 2018 and beyond and a detailed report comprehensive description of methodology and a breakdown of results by area. Read the reports here: REPORTS.