Branch Blether Synopsis

Our first online Branch Blether took place on Wednesday 9th September 2020.

While the numbers were not as high as we had hoped, it was a great success and those that attended were enthusiastic and engaged.

We split into small groups a couple of times, so that the chat would be more intimate. There was no real agenda, more a get to know each other.  As it turns out someone was able to find out about the Quality of Life Group and will attend their next online meeting.  Others were old hands at branch activities and one PwP actually had four Zoom meeting that day (the Blether, NeuroDynamics and a couple of other things later in the day).

We were able to determine that people feel continuing this as a monthly activity is a worthwhile thing.  Many fear that a return to face-to-face Branch Get Togethers is not likely until 2021.   So, with the winter approaching, we will continue with online Coffee and Blethers, which will be monthly on Wednesday at 11am (details will be e-mailed).

We got feedback that a speaker, or a quiz would be good.  In fact talk then moved to whether it might be a good idea to have some additional ‘themed’ groups.  Crafts, sport, and gardening were all mentioned.

So for now Chairman David Adams is creating a Branch Social Group to pursue interests and one-off events, on an online perspective.   To do this we hope that Branch Members will not only participate but perhaps offer to host or co-host, or indeed be a speaker.  Nothing formal, but more of a share-and-tell.  We feel the membership has a lot of very interesting people, with a story to tell.  We saw that when we did Lines, Laughs and Lockdown.

If you have any ideas for smaller themed groups, or would like to offer help to organise any one-off activity, please email:


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