Punching with Parkinson’s

Port O’ Leith Boxing Club is a new family run boxing club based near Newhaven in Edinburgh. 

Classes are on Mondays at 11am. Price is £6 (drop-in)

 The gym is a state-of-the-art facility with a boxing ring, bags, strength area, conditioning zone, coffee and smoothie bar and spacious changing rooms.

They are an inclusive gym, running a variety of classes catering for total beginners of all ages, to fighters who compete and everything in between.

Their team of experienced coaches are brilliant at challenging individuals, teaching good technique, bringing groups together and ensuring everyone always has a lot of fun.  They specialise in post-natal classes, classes for women with menopausal symptoms and classes for individuals with Parkinson’s.

They currently have one individual that regularly attends the club for one-to-one sessions with one of the coaches and after hearing and seeing the benefits this has had on different aspects of their life, Port O’ Leith would like to expand on this and fill the void until we (the Branch) are able to finalise our plan to introduce boxing as a regular activity in 2023.  

They are running classes for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease at 11am on Monday’s. People can attend the class for between 30 – 60mins.  You pay on a drop-in basis (pay as you box if you like!).

For more details telephone: 0131 563 8333.

Further Information from Port o’ Leith

A bit about the class
‘The non-contact boxing-based fitness sessions are super adaptable depending on the severity of an individual. Some people may want to dance around the ring on the pads, showcasing their movement, whilst others will hit the bags or speed-balls. For others, seated boxing, or replacing the pads and bags for Lily’s famous foam sticks is a very fun alternative.

So why Boxing?
The high-intensity workouts offer a blend of strength and cardiovascular conditioning.
The more technical side of the Boxing sessions can improve agility, coordination and balance It’s varied and fun It’s a social sport It makes you feel good and wanting more!
Our coaches are trained, and will always take into consideration each individual’s symptoms, medication schedule, and will check in before each session for any changes.

Parkinson’s boxing classes typically range from 30 to 60 minutes and may include:

  • Mobility, stretching and warmup exercises
  • Drills on the punch bags, floor to ceiling and speed ball
  • Technical footwork and movement
  • Hitting the pads or foam sticks
  • Exercises to improve overall strength
  • Core and pelvic floor exercises
  • Partner and group work
The image shows the leaftet for the Punching with Parkinson's sessions. There are four images of the classes, and text to outline the sessions
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