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Off-patent drugs and repurposing

In the context of drug repurposing it is of some interest to consider the patent situation. which was addressed in 2015 by a draft bill in parliament that you can read about by clicking on the following link:Off-patent drugs bill 2015

Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas

Tilo Kunath (Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh) and Parkinson’s fundraiser, John MacPhee, will show how a foreseeable future without Parkinson’s can be achieved in their very own Edinburgh Fringe CODI show “Eradicate Parkinson’s.” CODI provides an informal but high-profile platform for researchers to discuss their work with members of the public in an […]

Podcast interview with Ken Bowler, ERIG Chair

You can listen to a podcast of an interview with our Research Interest Group Chair, Ken Bowler, which gives the background to the Group. The podcast was made by David Calder, who is an experienced broadcast journalist, ex-BBC, on behalf of the Portobello community website Portobello Online (

The latest in Parkinson’s research in an hour or less

New disease primer from Nature Journals offers updates on the cutting edge of Parkinson’s research and trends. To see the latest report on this from the Van Andel Institute, follow this link: VAI