Wu-style Tai Chi Chuan: Spaces on New Class

Our Wu-style Tai Chi Chuan Teacher, Philippa Hope, has recently launched a 6-week pilot of Tai Chi classes for People with Parkinson’s and care partners. 

Where: Millar Hall (75th Braid Scouts Hall), 2 Nether Liberton Lane, Edinburgh, EH16 5TY
When: Starting Thursday 27th July from 3-4pm

Cost is £4 per class which can be paid either weekly or in one block via our website Shop

Tai Chi is a gentle exercise concentrating on the slow repetition of clearly defined moves. This can be good for improving your physical state such as posture, balance and strength.
It can also help with anxiety and loss of confidence. No previous experience is needed.

To join these sessions please contact Philippa via 0770267 4924 or email: phobinder@aol.com

Philippa in tai-chi pose in garden

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