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World Parkinson Coalition Sing-a-Long

The World Parkinson Coalition (WPC) host a monthly Sing-A-Long.  And this month (tonight in fact!) the co-host is Penny Stone, one of our song leaders for Singing4Fun.  Well done Penny, we are very proud of you!

In honour of the Edinburgh co-hosts, those who are invited are asked to wear their best Scottish gear. Everything from kilts to plaid shirts are welcome.  As many of our Singing4Fun group will be attending, we are sure they will enter into the spirit of things (though hopefully no ‘see you Jimmy’ hats!)

The format for the event is quite interesting.  While those participating will all be singing together, they won’t be able to hear each other. This is due to the lag time that happens during video calls.  A benefit of that is that people don’t need to worry about being a good singer, as you can belt it out as loud as you want from the comfort of your own home!

The event is being recorded, so we will definitely try to get a copy of the recording to share with the Members.

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