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Walking Football: Are You Keen?

We had a lovely email from Colin Mackay, who is a trustee with Walking Football Scotland.

Colin confirmed that “Walking football is one of the fast growing activities for older adults in the country, offering wonderful opportunities to improve both physical and mental health and greatly increasing social connectedness.

The activity encourages thousands of individuals aged from 40 to 92, many living with a wide range disabilities, injuries and illness.

A few months ago Parkinson UK in partnership with Glasgow Life ran introductory sessions which proved successful and now operates on a weekly basis”.

There is a nice little video you can watch which is on the Walking Football Scotland Website (you have to click to unmute on the video):

Walking Football Video

If this is something you think you would be interested in participating in, or would like to help us as a volunteer coordinator, do let us know.  We want to introduce more activities, if there is demand. But our current small group of volunteers are quite stretched at the moment!  If someone could spare a couple of hours a week, it could make a big difference as to whether we could pursue this initiative.

Let us know  if you are interested, either as a participant, or a potential volunteer coordinator.


(Photo Attribution: Wikimedia Commons)
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