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Successful Application for iPads and Internet Connection

Breaking News – we applied to the Connecting Scotland Scheme for some iPads and ‘dongles’ to provide internet access.

And we have been approved, although this does require us to meet some conditions.

We will be figuring ways in which Branch Members can apply for an iPad, so that we can ensure as many of our members are connected to the online world, and therefore to the Branch.  We hate to think of anyone not being able to connect to our online activities, and blethers (or friends and family).

If you are reading this and know of a Branch Member who isn’t online, who you think might be lonely and would benefit from an iPad let us know.  Part of the condition of getting the iPads is that we provide help to get people set up and using the iPad (with ‘Digital Champions’).  So with that support (Covid-19 regulations will be adhered to), maybe the person you know will be more open to embrace technology?  Check with them, and let us know if you want to put in a request on their behalf (you can email

We will give more information as we finalise details. But we wanted to share with you some good news 🙂


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