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Stop Press – Change of Speaker 12th February

David Allan, was originally scheduled to speak at the Branch Get-together on Wednesday 12th February at Bellevue Chapel, EH7 4EL but due to unforeseen circumstances has had to reschedule and will now speak at the 8th April meeting. To fill David’s spot we have arranged for someone to talk to us about an activity we have been planning to explore for some time – Tango for Parkinson’s – having recognised there are established and successful classes within the Parkinson’s community in the UK and abroad.

Ani Tchakmakdjian, a career dancer, is hooked on movement and enthralled by Tango – authentic Argentinian Tango (not the Ballroom Exhibition sort). Ani, highly recommended to us by Dance Base, has been dancing since she was five years old. She has run her own company and has led community dance and dance for special needs. Research shows that shared movement with music can significantly increase felt well-being and physical agility. It’s fun, too, and can get the endorphins flowing. So do come and join a live dance experience!

[We will look to arranging a future date for our original 8th April “Art in Healthcare” speaker.]

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