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Research – Volunteers Needed (by 2nd August)

We received an email from Parkinson’s’ UK asking us to make a request to Branch members to participate in some research.  The information is below, and we do stress there is really only a couple of days left to complete the questionnaire.

“We are Human Nutrition MSc students from Oxford Brookes University and my team and I are interested in how COVID-19 and lockdown may have impacted on diet and other lifestyle behaviours. Due to the limited research to date we are starting our research from a very fresh view.

I am emailing you because we have constructed a short online questionnaire to ask about dietary and other lifestyle habits (exercise, supplement use etc) on health (both physical and mental) post COVID-19.

We are looking at this in people with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Spinal Cord Injury and those who have had a Stroke.

Would it be possible to get volunteers to answer our questionnaire? The time required by each volunteer should be less than 20 minutes”.

Here is the Participant Information Sheet, and within that it has a link for the questionnaire.



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