Exercise Drumming

While not a Branch run activity, we are happy to endorse exercise drumming. The concept was developed by Jo Holland (Volunteer Secretary for NoSPRIG and Finance Representative for PDUK Scotland based in Moray) and Sharon Finlay (Active Minds Moray), who delivers the drumming instruction.

This is a novel and exciting cardio drumming exercise programme that incorporates drumming a large ball with sticks along with the beats of music. The routine targets flexibility, balance and strength training and the addition of music results in added benefits relating to mood and well-being.

If you have Parkinson’s or help someone with Parkinson’s, you might very much enjoy the thrill of exercise drumming? 

The sessions take place on Zoom, Monday’s at 11am and Thursday’s at 2pm (sessions last for an hour).

You can drum seated or standing. Each session costs £2.  

Benefits include:

  • Engages all muscle groups
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Helps co-ordination
  • Aids cognitive abilities
  • Promotes a feeling of well being
  • Aids emotional health by reducing stress
  • Leaves you feeling calm
  • Suitable for all age groups and all abilities
  • May well be the best fun you ever had
  • Will put a big smile on your face

Equipment needed to participate:

  • An exercise/yoga ball or an upside-down laundry basket or perhaps a cushion or the back of a chair.
  • Something to hold your ball steady, a garden ‘trug’, cushions or perhaps a dining room chair with the seat part taken out.
  • 2 drumsticks or wooden spoons.
  • A comfortable chair, a tablet, lap-top or smart phone to join in online zoom sessions.

If you want to know more, please contact:

Jo Holland: jhollandparkinsons@gmail.com

or Heather Kirk: hkirkparkinsons@gmail.com


Jo, Julie Jones, Yoon Irons and Edinburgh Branch Volunteer Alison Williams an exploratory research project into exercise drumming and hope to extend this research further.  The group applied to the World Parkinson’s Congress for poster submission and not only were they successful with this, but were selected in the top 15% of all submissions to participate in a poster tour!  Jo has set up a webpage called Parkinson’s Beats.  This is a pretty new venture, initially designed to keep the group updated on Jo’s progress in Spain for the World Parkinsons’ Congress (WPC).  But the site will keep going and Jo will add news items as and when they happen.  To go to the webpage, simply scan the QR code below:
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