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Protect Parkinson’s Care in Scotland

Tanith from Parkinson’s UK recently sent a communication that we feel is worth sharing.  It is something that affects anyone visiting this website, or following us on social media.  So please do consider taking the action Tanith asks for.

Tanith writes:

“We want everyone with Parkinson’s to get the care and support that they need. Our community has told us loud and clear that access to a Parkinson’s nurse is essential.

During the pandemic 1 in 3 people had appointments with their Parkinson’s nurse or consultant cancelled. More than half were not offered a phone or online appointment instead.

Please help us: write to the Cabinet Secretary for Health. Ask how he will make sure that everyone with Parkinson’s in Scotland can access a local Parkinson’s nurse during this period of Covid recovery.

Write to the Cabinet Secretary

Access to a Parkinson’s nurse is essential for the health of people with Parkinson’s, their families and friends. During this pandemic large numbers of Parkinson’s nurses have been redeployed in parts of NHS Scotland.

We know that the health service is under immense pressure. Tackling the immediate crisis caused by Covid-19 must not adversely affect the healthcare of people with Parkinson’s which this staffing policy is doing.

Help us make sure that this crisis is not worsened for our community.

Thank you for taking action, and we wish you all the best for 2022,


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