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Presentations at Branch AGM 11th March 2020

Hon Chair David Adams’ presentation can be viewed here. All nominated Office Bearers and Committee Members were elected (see page 15 of the pdf). David concluded his report with a huge vote of thanks and bouquet presentation to Cathie Quin who has retired from the Committee after many years as a much appreciated Member (Cathie will be handing over her management of the Singing4Fun group at Easter but we’re pleased to say will be carrying on with the Branch Carers Support Group).

David’s report was followed by a presentation from Annie Macleod, Parkinson’s UK Scotland Director, which can be viewed here.

This was followed by a brief talk by Dr Karen Matthews, Queen Margaret University Nursing Division about plans to create a register of people who want to be involved with Patient and Public Involvement (PPI). This is an area that Branch Members, Alison Williams and David Melton, have plans for – much more to follow.

The meeting finally ended with a brief report from Branch Member, Lindsay McDermid who facilitates the Branch Art group which is growing in numbers. Lindsay was particularly keen to thank all involved in the highly successful Art Exhibition last October – artists, purchasers and the Bon Papillon Café/Gallery who hosted the event.

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