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Possible new test for Parkinson’s

On Saturday 14th January 2017, Dr Alison Green, Reader at the National Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease Research and Surveillance Unit in the University of Edinburgh, gave a fascinating talk on her recent work on development of a biomarker for Parkinson’s.

The talk was entitled:

A potential new diagnostic test for Parkinson’s disease: real-time QuiC of alpha-synuclein.

In the talk Alison first described the development of the real-time quaking induced conversion (RT-QuiC) method in the context of CJD. She then went on to discuss how the method could be applied to detect the abnormal form of alpha-synuclein in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with PD.

You can download the slides of the talk either as powerpoint or as pdf by clicking on the relevant link below:

A short summmary of the talk writtn by one of our members, may be downloaded by clicking on this link: ERIG report Jan 2017.

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