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Poems for World Parkinson’s Day 2022

For World Parkinson’s Day 2022, Parkinson’s UK want you to tell them in a limerick or five line poem what Parkinson’s means to you.

Parkinson’s UK (P-UK) is asking everyone connected with Parkinson’s to write about their experience to help raise awareness.

Whether you have Parkinson’s, are a relative of someone who does, or work or volunteer with people affected by Parkinson’s, P-UK want to hear about your experience of Parkinson’s.

Your limerick or poem can be happy or sad, positive or expressing some of the challenges of living with Parkinson’s. All they ask is that you keep it clean!

You could think about symptoms, hobbies, treatments, how Parkinson’s impacts you, connecting with others with the condition and so much more…

Whether you’re a first-time poet or an experienced bard, why not get creative and have a go?

Poems may be shared online, in printed materials and press releases, and at a special event to raise awareness of the realities of Parkinson’s.

All poems must be received by 3 April 2022 if submitted online (Link for Submission)

World Parkinson’s Day is on 11th  April.  For more details, download the .pdf file from Parkinson’s UK.

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